V AIM Group provided solution for a Ergonomic concern that we faced for material handling. The product that weigh 90 KG need to be loaded into Racks at 5 feet height and manually pushed into the rack. Repeated loading & unloading form racks had Ergonomic concern and V AIM's team provided an effective solution with rollers for easy loading/unloading.
The racks had limited space to install the rollers and so designing rollers with weight bearing capacity in limited space was a challenge. V AIM gave a simple and effective solution.

Mr. Arunbalan Pandy
Lead Inventory & Forecast Analyst at GE Energy Management

Very knowledgeable team in sheet metal fabrication space, high energy, passionate coupled with keeping the delivery timelines is something unique about V AIM Group. Working with them was great experience, they always supported me in all my crucial deliveries. Wish you all the best in future.

Mr. Patil
Chief Executive, Sandbox Startups

I have only two word to V AIM Group. Your team is a "true professional". This covers everything. I am sure you have a great future.

Dr. Shiva Murthy N
Sales Director, Biopharmaceutical Organization